The 5 Senses Series --Reed

Four Seasons of Masks --Dickson

Faces --Baillieul

Skullduggery-clock --Reed

Neptune's Daughter --​Kotter

​We Belong --Gray

Baillieul - Wavelength, detail

Masks --​Baillieul

L to R: Babayaga--Gray, Oceanna Daughter of the Sea--Baillieul, Mother Nature is Crying--Krol, Nicodemus--O'Reilly

L to R:  Bess, Maime --​O'Reilly

Hanging with Colorful Friends --Deever

Dragon --Brooks

​​​The Art Quilt Alliance (AQA) is a group of approximately 38 members in Columbus Metropolitan Area and Central Ohio.  We  meet monthly, and join several times a year to exhibit our work in various venues.  Our members produce creative, diverse and outstanding original work, using a myriad of techniques and materials that are not used in traditional quilting.  

Sunflower Woman 1--Kotter

Just Peeking Out --​Weissman

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Art Quilt Alliance

Scooterista, Scooterista II --​Schillig

Pirate --Weissman

Green Man --Gray

L to R: Cousin, Helen --​McDaniel, Exploration--Ahern, Gulf Sun​--Schlagbaum