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Artist Challenges

Lisa Sellers-West

 Photo:  Bicycles

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Photo: Two Trees

           In September 2017,  members  participated in a "Whisper Challenge."  It was similar to the party game called Telephone. Members were divided into groups of 4.  The first person was given a photo to interpret in a quilt.  The next person in the group saw the quilt of the first person, but not the photograph to interpret in a new quilt..  The 3rd interpreted the 2nd quilt and so on.  The results were revealed at the May 2018 meeting. The groups are arranged in vertical rows.


Joyce Leahy

Photo: Covered Bridge

Photo: Milkweed

Deb Baillieul

Photo: Delancy Street, NYC

Terry Hartzell

Photo:  Caboose 

Karla Roerhig

Whisper Challenge

Photo Permutations Show  February 8 - April 14, 2019

​Northwood Artspace

Beth Schillig

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Nikki O'Reilly

 Photo:  Barn

Nikki Nwosu

Jean Weissman

Dorothy Bush


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