Art Quilt Alliance

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AQA invites creative, stimulating speakers to our meetings who have drawn inspiration from many sources, techniques and schools. 

Upcoming Presentations 2018


     May 2019            End of the Season Potluck, 2018-9 Challenge Reveal

     September 2019  Welcome Back, Summer Challenge Reveal

     October 2019      Sam Robbins

     November 2019   Chris Mercerhill "Photoquilts"     

     December 2019   Winter Potluck


Past Presentations

     Apr 2019    Michele Stitzlein, "Beauty of the Irregular"

     Mar 2019    Carla Corotta "The Architecture of Winning Quilts"

​   Feb 2019     Kate Gorman

   ​Jan 2019      Alex Minturn "Points of Perspective"

​   Nov  2018    Member Demos

     Oct   2018    Sara Deever "Hand Stitching"

     Sept 2018:   Welcome Back!

   May 2018:    Spring Potluck

   Apr 2018:    Beth Schillig, Fiber artist "Here We Go A-Rulering"

   Mar 2018:    Rita Reed and Deb Baillieul "Beyond Fabric"

   Feb 2018:    Ann Rebele, Fiber artist "Retrospective"

   Jan 2018:     Terry Hartzell "Faces in Fabric"