This workshop was held on April 29, 2017

Silk Fusion is created from raw silk roving that is made into a paper-like fabric using textile medium and then used in all kinds of art work, from paper art, quilting, fabric wearables, to 3-D decorative objects. For the quilter, it has all the lustrous advantages of silk without raveling of traditional woven silk and can be sewn just as fabrics. During the workshop, students worked with silk roving to make a sheet of fused silk which they will take home to dry.  Students also made a postcard-sized finished piece with dried fused silk that the instructor provides.

Becky Dickson is an experienced teacher having taught in public school, industry and quilt shops and quilt guilds.  She started quilting in 1997 beginning with traditional quilts, embellishing those quilts, and finally moving into the art quilt realm.  She experiments with unusual mediums for her art quilts from Tyvek to candy wrapper confetti to her current love, silk fusion.


Fused silk  sheets

Silk roving

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